Starting or growing a business in today’s digital economy can be challenging and confusing. It’s like, you’ve got to learn a new language. Although the Internet is no longer in its’ infancy, it is still a relatively new medium and leaves more questions than answers.

It has changed the way consumers communicate, entertain themselves, socialize and conduct business, forever. But that also means, there’s so much more noise and competition, for your marketing message to overcome, to be seen and heard.

For the business owner today, that means meeting your prospects and customers, where they live, work and play and
attempting to stay top-of-mind with them every single day.

The question is…how’s that workin’ out for ya?
If it’s not and you aren’t positioning your business in front of your target audience daily, your customers will soon become someone else’s.

If you truly want to grow your business, you’ll need more than a basic understanding of Internet marketing or, a competent team to execute a “predictable marketing strategy” for you, in order to avoid the common mistakes of small businesses and to thrive in today’s digital economy.



92% of small businesses in the U.S., have 1-5 employees (including the owner) and are stuck at a certain income level.

22.4 million (80%) of the 28.1 million small businesses in the U.S. have “no employees” and average $44,000 per year…in gross receipts (gross revenue). More than half of small businesses are home based. Intuit

Source: U.S. Small Business Administration

Are You Making these Common Mistakes in Your Business?

Most small to mid-sized business owners neglect one very important aspect of their business and that is, how will they generate a daily stream of prospective leads/buyers? In other words, what is your customer acquisition process?

If you’re struggling to stay afloat or you just don’t seem to be growing at the rate you’ve anticipated, it’s likely you’re not marketing to your ideal prospects pain and don’t understand the real problem(s) they want to solve and…


…these 5 Essential Elements are Missing from Your Marketing Strategy:


Scalable Traffic Sources from which to Generate Leads


Automated Funnel Process that Captures and Nurtures Leads

Follow Up

Automated Follow-up that Builds Trust & Authority


Filtering Process that Identifies & Activates Buyers


Back-end, Product Mixthat Grows Your Revenue

When you’re armed with the solution to your prospective customers pain point, an automated customer acquisition process, traffic sources for quality leads, the right marketing message, at the right price point, the right business model creates a very high LTV (lifetime value), from a happy, loyal customer base. That of course means, greater financial reward for you; achieving the lifestyle of your dreams.

At Market Leader BIZ our job is to eliminate the frustration of technology overwhelm for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs and provide clear cut solutions that transform your business and bottomline.

Forget the fancy lingo or worn out cliches. What you want, as a business owner, is simplicity: More Profit. Less Work, More Fun and Time Freedom, leading to a Superior Quality of Life.

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