Feedback from a Few Market Leaders…


Best Coach I Have Ever Had!

I recently had the opportunity to have Darren Elijah as a coach to guide me through my new business endeavor, and I can honestly say he is by far the best coach I have ever had. He is always willing to answer my questions in a short time, and is there to motivate me to better myself through various steps along the way, which definitely demonstrates not only his knowledge, but his genuine desire to help me succeed in reaching my goals. I am certain I would not be where I am today without the guidance and encouragement of Coach Darren. Frank S.,

New Mexico

Great Training

Darren is an engaging presenter with a wealth of sales experience to draw on. I would not hesitate to recommend Darren to other companies looking for sales help. Mark W.

Dir. of Customer Care, Broadband Co., Sikeston MO

Excellent training that applies to a real world environment!!

As an experienced sales professional, manager and trainer there isn’t much I haven’t seen as far as training goes, that is until Darren visited our sales team in Indiana.

Not only was Darren knowledgeable he was able to explain the sales process in a way that even someone with no sales experience at all could understand and take something away from the training and put it to use immediately.

This is not a run of the mill set and listen training course. Darren brings a high level of energy to the session and makes sure that everyone gets involved.

I would recommend this training to anyone with any level of sales experience as you are sure to take something away from it that will increase your sales productivity. Ken H.

Dir. of Residential Sales, Broadband Co., Vincennes IN

Magnificent Exceptional Service, “I will definitely recommend you”.

Darren Elijah is a fantastic professional coach, who far exceeds my expectations. He sees my potential and doesn’t hesitate to steer me in the right direction. He makes me feel like a winner, because I am one. Thank you Darren for your hard work and dedication. I will definitely recommend Darren in the future. Sincerely Renee Renee S.

Certified Reiki Practitioner, Arkansas

Darren Elijah Outstanding!

Darren’s unique skills has had a lingering effect, in that, our SSA’s /DRS sales continue to grow as our Management continues to support his techniques.

I would highly recommend Darren Elijah to similar business service companies, which are customer/sales centric, to utilize Darren and his approach to customer satisfaction and sales. John B.

General Mgr., Broadband Co., Vincennes IN

Highly Motivating and Personable!

Darren Elijah is no doubt the best business coach I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He is highly motivating and makes me feel that I have an important message to share with the world. He is also very personable and down to earth, with a sense of humor, and so he is a fabulous person with whom to to discuss different strategy ideas. He has given me many good ones! I also feel great trust in Darren, as I believe he genuinely has everybody’s best interests at heart. Peg P.

Health & Wellness Consultant, Texas

Customized Sales Training

The sales training our regions had with Darren Elijah were wonderful. Not only did he provide an ‘easy to ask, easy to answer’ sales close for the team to use, but he reinforced it until it was a useful take-away long after the meeting was over.

My favorite part of the training was the working through of industry-specific objections until we all walked away feeling better equipped to handle and convert the more difficult sales conversations.

Team reactions were universally positive. I would absolutely recommend! Jody L.

Marketing Coordinator, Broadband Co., Vincennes IN

Terrific Coach and Encouraging Supporter

Darren was a phenomenal coach. We connected on many areas even some related to but slightly outside the area on which we were focused. He was extremely helpful throughout the coaching program with guidance, solid feedback and encouragement. He made it a very enjoyable and fulfilling process. Just what I needed, when I needed it! Porter M.

Real Estate Investor, Texas

Committed to My Success!

Darren E has been amazing! Being completely new to online marketing | building a business he has provided stellar service
and commitment -going beyond to ensure I am comfortable. Honestly, I wish he could be my coach forever. He is truly a
person of his word and shows continued commitment to my success in words and deeds. Not every step has been easy for me,
but he takes the time to ensure concepts are palatable and provides additional resources to help drive the concepts home.
I’ve already referred him to a fellow business associate and will continue to do so, if asked.

Thanks Darren for being a part of my network 🙂 Yvonne B.

Financial Industry Executive, Pennsylvania

Excellent services, 100% recommended

Super! Great experience. Paul D.

Health & Wellness Professional, New York

Absolutely great server would recommend

Very knowledgeable, helped out with all questions and was a very high energy, and positive about all of his coaching. Raquel R.


An incredible and professional Coach, absolutely will recommend you

Darren Elijah have a very incredible knowledge of his expertise and the way to communicate to you, a people
person, easy to understand, a very honest and clear teacher, absolutely exceeds my expectations. I will give him 5 stars. Diana G.

Retired, Pre K School Owner, Idaho

Shows commitment to help me succeed.

I am very impressed with the amount commitment that Darren has shown. He is always available and gives you
quality time. When I asked him about financing or other questions, Darren has always come through with answers and
resources. Darren is very personable and speaks to me at my level and is very sincere about helping me become successful
by listening to my stories and getting to know me. Thank you Diana B.

Real Estate Investor, Utah

Fantastic Coach!!!

Darren is very personable and professional in his coaching abilities. He knows how to teach and guide you through
the process. If there is a problem he is willing to jump in and solve and fix the problem no matter the time involved. He
is willing to go the distant to make sure you have your marketing strategies, techniques, and the tools to succeed in your
business. Christina T.

Landscaping Company, Utah

Darren the whisperer

Being…skeptical I am looking for something that offers some form of hand holding to get me started. Darren was my second coach…and while he did not hold my hand he also did not let me slide. He held me accountable for my own actions as he taught me some of the in’s and outs of the business. I am still a beginner but with his help I know that I can have great success. Chris W.

Navy R.N., Maryland